Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013, 10:00am......
We began and ended our meeting with the reading of plays by Brenda.  The discussion of her work progressed to a piece she had set aside some time ago.  We discussed the last piece in depth because it involved four to seven characters of diverse personalities; a priest, a woman with an undisclosed phd, a young farmer; etc.,  centered around a poker table.  If you can imagine these characters with nothing in common except their need to gamble... with a large buy-in or penny ante, it doesn't matter... and where ever each character, given their hidden or obvious agendas, leads the playwright to and fro across the stage.  It is an intriguing premise to create and address: Why is each character at the poker table?  What are they hiding?  Why are they hiding?  What does a gambling and whiskey drinking priest have to hide?  Brenda left the meeting with a page full of notes and ideas to further her story.
I can't wait until next week's reading.
I convinced Natalie to submit a one page piece.  I critiqued it on line and, if she agrees with me, I hope she will bring a rewrite the next time we meet.  (She just emailed that she will bring the re-write February 9th.)
Ceridyn has also begun to write "a little something".  She says that she will keep working on it and hopefully drop by next weekend.